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Influenza Vaccination Promotion

Shield your health with our exclusive RM75 Influenza vaccine promotion for walk-ins only!

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Grow with us and enhance your career!

We are looking for a Resident Consultant who can join our team and help us deliver the best healthcare experience possible.

Our Latest Promotion
Paediatric Recovery Suction Package

Is your child diagnosed with acute bronchiolitis or pneumonia? Do they have trouble breathing due to mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses?

Our Latest Promotion
Maternity Service Rates

We are offering exclusive maternity service rates for our delivering mothers and we strive to provide a comfortable environment for you.

Our Latest Promotion
Fertility Package Promo

Our team is committed to combining quality medical care with an individualised, warm and compassionate approach using the least invasive method of treatment that is suited to your needs.

Our Latest Promotion
Women’s Wellness Screening

Treat yourself to the gift of wellness. Take control of your health with our Women’s Wellness Screening Package.

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Our dedicated units cater to a comprehensive range of medical needs, with noted specialists and state-of-the-art equipment.

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