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Appointment Guide

Your journey to recovery begins here

Get in touch with our appointments team so that our specialists can attend to your needs as soon as possible. You can be assured of comprehensive and personalised care every step of the way.

For your convenience, we have two easy ways for you to secure an appointment:

Phone call:

Our customer service team is ready to attend to your needs. Simply give us a call at the number below to book an appointment at your preferred clinic.

Call Us: (603) 5515 1966

Monday – Friday:
9.00am to 4.30pm

9.00am to 1.00pm

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Avisena Healthcare App

The Avisena Healthcare App is one of our many innovative efforts to make your healthcare journey quick and seamless. With the App, you can book your appointment at the clinic you need and select the specialist of your choice, as well as your preferred date and time – all in real time and within minutes!
*Applicable to existing patients only

Download Avisena Healthcare App: