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Accident & Emergency

Ready for the unexpected, all day, every day

Our emergency unit is on standby with a trained team of doctors, nurses and support staff to quickly manage unexpected situations that demand immediate medical attention.

Keep in mind that the emergency situations faced by adults may differ from those faced by children, with the latter being at high risk of choking or suffocation from hazards at home.

We understand that every second counts

Every case that arrives at our unit is evaluated immediately, with severe, life-threatening conditions given priority. Our specialists and surgeons are only a call away should their services be required urgently. We take every effort to dispense the most effective care as quickly as possible while also ensuring that you get all the emotional support you need.

Outpatient services:

  • Major and minor dressing
  • Blood taking
  • Treatment of burns, post-operative wound care, laceration wounds, nail avulsion
  • Covid-19 screening (RT PCR/RTK)
  • POP and splinting for fractures and injuries
  • Vaccinations for adults and children
  • Nebuliser and oxygen therapy for patients
  • Ryles tube and catheterisation bladder drainage (CBD) insertion procedure
  • Assistance for stroke, elderly, bedridden, disabled and pregnant women
  • Inter-hospital transportation
  • ECG testing
  • Portable x-ray and other imaging services

Facilities available at our unit

Priority lane service (for the disabled, senior citizens aged 70 and above as well as for babies less than a month old)

  • 24-hour ambulance services
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Laboratory testing
  • Resuscitation bed (for emergency cases)
  • Isolation bed (for infectious diseases)
  • Breastfeeding room
  • General waiting area and kids-friendly waiting area
  • Specialised women’s assessment room
  • Procedure room

Patient flow

The two essential preliminary steps are:

Step 1:

Triage, to categorise cases into different levels of severity, colour coded as:

  • Red – critical (immediate attention)
  • Yellow – semi stable (within 15 mins)
  • Green – stable (within 30 mins)

Step 2:

Registration, open 24 hours and attended to by pleasant, well-trained staff. The team here also manages appointments for specialist clinics, even beyond office hours (after 5pm).

Documents needed for registration:

  • Identification card or passport
  • Referral letter (if any)
  • Cash payment/Guarantee letter/Insurance policy

Meet your Doctors

  • Dr Vimaldass Balashanmugam (Head of Department)
  • Dr Samnudi bin Yusof (Senior Medical Officer)
  • Dr Adam Marzuki bin Ismail (Senior Medical Officer)
  • Dr Farah Ainn binti Mohtar
  • Dr Sivaa Prakash Subramaniam
  • Dr Rupa Shakila Arumugam
  • Dr Khairunisa Liana binti Ismail Hashim
  • Nurse Manager: Sister Azawati

Accident & Emergency Department Contact Information

Clinic Contact Details

Ground Floor

Operation Hours

Children’s Emergency Department & Women’s Assessment Service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No appointment is necessary.

Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept payments via cash or credit cards.

For other credit card instalments, kindly consult your respective banks.

If you have a Guarantee Letter (GL) from a panel insurance company, kindly proceed to our Business Office Counter.