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Diagnostic Laboratory

Delivering essential services with speed and accuracy

Our medical laboratory uses advanced technology and is more than capable of fulfilling the array of diagnostic requests from the emergency department, specialist clinics, wellness unit as well as our home care division.

As a key support unit in our hospital, we ensure complete accuracy and protection of patient data by digitally translating lab reports into our Hospital Information System (HIS) and securely storing them into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This also makes it easier for our doctors to access essential information quickly.

We’re driven to meet rigorous standards

Our participation in External Quality Assurance Programmes (EQAS) proves our commitment to quality and performance. With our experienced team in place, you can rest assured that every diagnosis and test is done with utmost care and professionalism.

Our range of services include:


  • Full blood count, peripheral blood smear test and coagulation test
  • Tests to detect diseases such as viral infections, bacterial fever, anaemia and blood disorders


  • Routine blood and urine tests including liver function test, renal test, lipid profile, diabetic profile and enzyme metabolites

Immunology and serology:

  • Autoimmune test, Panel Allergy 51, tests for infectious diseases, Covid-19 test (RTK Antigen)

Clinical microbiology:

  • Test for bacteria and fungus culture, as well as identification and antibiotic (susceptibility) tests Bacteria can be cultured and tested with related antibiotics
  • Staining for Acid Fast Bacteria (MTB) for Tuberculosis

Histopathology and cytology:

  • Frozen section biopsy (removal of a portion of the tissue mass) and fine needle aspiration biopsy, to determine if a further operation or procedure is necessary
  • Liquids base Cytology method are used for all pap smears screening

Blood transfusion service:

  • Blood grouping, antibody screening and crossmatching

Diagnostic Laboratory Contact Information

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Basement 1

Operation Hours

24 hours service for out-patients and in-patients

Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept payments via cash or credit cards.

For other credit card instalments, kindly consult your respective banks.

If you have a Guarantee Letter (GL) from a panel insurance company, kindly proceed to our Business Office Counter.