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Personal Dietetic Consultation

Bridging the essential connection between food and health

Nutrients in what we eat empowers our body to grow, develop and preserve optimal functions. Healthy dietary choices go a long way in keeping us healthy and ensuring speedy recovery when we’re ill.

Our dietetic services unit offers inpatients and outpatients a comprehensive range of care including personalised diet consultation, medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and lifestyle counselling.

Evidence-based nutrition and practical advice for your well-being

Every day, we cater to people with diverse nutritional needs for various health conditions, ensuring that they get optimal nutritional care. Our qualified dietitians, professionally trained in food sciences, provide personalised nutritional assessment and guidance that optimises your treatment and recovery process while also ensuring long term prevention and well-being.

Let our dietitians help you with the food and nutrition that best suits your needs and guide you in cultivating healthier eating habits.

We offer a complete range of nutrition and dietetic services including:

Specialised nutrition support - AWCSH

Specialised nutrition support

We provide optimal nutritional care (e.g. enteral tube feeding and modified consistency diets) and patient monitoring to improve the nutritional status, treatment progress and recovery.

Diet counselling at AWCSH

Inpatient and outpatient diet counselling and nutritional assessment

We offer dietary advice and nutrition education on meeting nutritional requirements or special diet modifications or disease-specific counselling to patients, families and caregivers.

Nutrition education at AWCSH

Nutrition intervention and education service

We conduct nutrition-related and health talks or webinars on various topics for the benefit of the public, our patients, staff and corporate clients.

Diet planning at AWCSH

Follow-up nutrition and diet planning

Ideal for home care clients, pre and post-surgery patients as well as those recently discharged from admission.

Healthy menu planning/ nutrition education

We organise these sessions at workplaces, canteens, restaurants, nursing homes, confinement centres, rehabilitation centres, elderly care centres, child nursery/day care, schools etc.

  • Corporate health and wellness programs and activities
  • Media-related activities
  • Body composition analysis

Types of tests include body fat, hydration and muscle analyses for a wide range of subjects, from children to adults, and active persons to the elderly.

Other services

This includes wound healing, portion guide, healthy recipes, health promotion, diet modification, supermarket nutritional education and sports nutrition.


Our counselling, education and therapy services are designed to benefit:

To get an outpatient appointment for consultation:

Kindly contact our general line to make an appointment. We accept referrals from Avisena Specialist Hospital/Avisena Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital outpatient clinics, other private or government hospitals and clinics (adult or paediatric) and general practitioners.

Please bring along your referral letter from the referring doctor with latest blood test/relevant results/growth percentile charts.

We also accept referrals if you have completed a health screening package/wellness package with a referral letter from the referring doctor with latest blood test/relevant results or reports.

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